FinYou Financed Option

Part of the PayAll complete basket of payments solution is the FinYou financed option. Traditionally, consumers would need to apply for finance in person at a financial institution. They are then subjected to scrutinizing questionnaires and forced to disclose personal information to a consultant they have never met before. Having to apply for finance can be a daunting process and many South Africans hesitate to apply despite their want or need to purchase a product or service.

FinYou allows consumers to apply for finance online, in the privacy of their own homes, giving them the confidence and security they need.

Whether you are offering products, repairs or services; FinYou will expand your potential customer base. FinYou enables retailers and service providers to offer a seamless one stop, easy to use financed option to their existing and potential customers. Through highly skilled product development and skilled technical implementation, FinYou is the market leader in online and retail finance solutions. The FinYou operating model ensures industry compliant, financially regulated, quick and efficient responses to market needs.

When your customer has chosen to finance their payment via the PayAll FinYou facility, the customer will be prompted to complete the necessary information and supply supporting documentation for requisite credit vetting. The merchant will be notified via email that the customer has applied for finance on their product. The merchant can then login to their PayAll merchant portal and track the status of the application. Customers are also able to track the status of their application via the online tracking system or by contacting the FinYou team.

The initial credit approval feedback will be supplied within 3 business hours. The duration of the final approval is subject to the customer providing all the correct supporting documentation. Once the application and supporting documentation has been received, it takes approximately 48 business hours to complete the approval. The final approval is made by the deciding bank and not FinYou. The process is also subject to the total loan amount that the customer is financing, lower product value items could be completed in the same day, subject to the financial provider facilitating the loan.

Once the merchant and customer receive the final approval, FinYou will request an invoice from the merchant and funds are released into a Bureau Account. On receipt of invoice, FinYou transfers the agreed amount into the Merchant’s bank account less the FinYou processing fee. Your customer’s product is now paid for.


  • Complete the online application
  • Supply supporting documentation
    • Clear copy of your Identification Document
    • An original proof of residential address (no older than 3 months)
    • Last 3 salary payslips
    • 3 months stamped bank statements
  • The application will be processed by a registered credit provider
  • The applicant (customer) will be notified regarding your application status via SMS
  • The payment is allocated and processed by an approved, compliant and regulated payment bureau
  • Your suppliers are notified regarding the status and generate compulsory invoices to FinYou
  • FinYou settles the supplier accounts on your behalf guaranteeing
  • Collect and enjoy your purchase