elayby – No more debt!

Cleargroup Holdings are proud to introduce South Africa’s very first ecommerce layby processing platform. The term layby means to pay for goods/services via regular instalments in advance before the product is received by the customer. With the ever rising cost of living and the credit act clamping down on reckless lending, our nation is looking for more financially disciplined payment options. The South African culture has always been very savvy with creative ways of saving money, like Stokvels (groups investing small monthly instalments for future investments or emergencies). elayby is taking this concept a step further and joining the rest of the world by offering a secure and regulated layby option, serving both online shopping or traditional retail stores. elayby is available to all South Africans wanting to buy your products or services. No credit checks are required and application can be completed online or at participating stores. Customers can use the online layby calculator to determine a suitable payment plan. They can also request assistance from an elayby consultant. elayby balances can be checked online, via USSD code or SMS short code.

PayAll provide a secure, compliant, efficient and user friendly system to pay instalments. Payments can be made at integrated payment facility; the customers PayAll wallet (online), participating ATM, retail stores or online at www.elayby.co.za using a debit card, credit card or your PayAll Money card. The consumer simply uses his/her mobile number as a reference number when making a deposit. A confirmation SMS will be sent for each payment received. Payments can be scheduled for weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.

How does it work?

  • The customer selects the products/services they want to layby.
  • The merchant will then add the requested purchase and values to the elayby system.
  • The customer registers by completing the elayby application form at the merchant store or online.
  • The application form can be faxed or emailed with supporting documents to admin@elayby.co.za or the customer can apply online.
  • Once the application is successful and a payment schedule is determined, the customer will receive an SMS to confirm the elayby order including their first payment value and payment terms.
  • The customer can adjust their payment term according to their affordability to a maximum of 12 months.
  • The customer will receive reminders via SMS to make the elayby monthly payments.
  • The customer can then make payments at their chosen facilities.


All funds are protected by elayby and will only be settled to the merchant on proof of service or product collection by the customer. The funds are housed in a dedicated bureau bank account. In the event of the purchase being cancelled, the customer will be refunded the previously paid instalments, terms and conditions apply.

Collection & Settlement

Once the layby is completely settled, the customer will be notified to collect the product from the merchant. elayby will also notify the merchant on behalf of the customer to prepare for the collection. Once the customer has received the product, PayAll will release the funds to the merchant.

Use elayby for: