Forms of payment






Why Use the PayAll ecommerce solution.

The benefits of having an online store are infinite. As per research conducted by DMMA, there are almost 14 million (39% of the adult population) internet users in SA. Whether you’re selling holidays, car repairs, medical procedures or electronics – your clients will be able to purchase your products securely and immediately using PayAll.

Setting up a merchant account with a bank can be a fear filled and gruelling process. With PayAll there is no need to apply for a merchant account as all compliances are already in place.

    • Open your business doors to 14 Million internet users.
    • Increase your trading hours to 24 hours, 365 days a year.
    • Sell your products quickly and securely.
    • Customers will no longer have to endure traffic jams and busy malls to purchase your products.
    • The payment options include direct payment, retail loan processing and layby contract processing.
    • Your online store can be up and running in just 2 days when coupled with Cleargroup’s Storefront online store.

For everyone

FinYou offers a financed payment platform for online purchases. A customer applies entirely online and has no need to visit a financial institution. elayby is South Africa’s first and only online layby payment platform. A layby payment option allows the customer to pay for goods and services in advance via a set period of instalments managed by elayby. The customer will only receive the product/service once the basket has been fully settled, this ensuring they don’t run into debt and allowing the merchant to align themselves with the National Credit Act’s purpose – reducing reckless lending in South Africa.


PayAlls compliances and payment processing procedures are an imperative prerequisite for merchants when considering an online or any payment partner.

  • PCI DSS compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance)
  • Complete vetting of each finance customer by a trusted bank.
  • POPI compliant (Protection of Personal Information).

Using PayAll to purchase online

  • Once a customer has elected to purchase a product, they simply click on the PayAll icon on your online store/Storefront.
  • The customer is then redirected to the PayAll secure checkout page, where they will select their preferred form of payment.
  • Once the payment is completed, they will be directed back to your webpage to carry on shopping.
  • The customer will also have an open basket option, eKanye (first quarter of 2015). This allows a customer to shop on numerous participating online stores with only having to checkout once.

Getting Started

A merchant can register via this website. Select “Merchant Application” on the homepage and apply today for your secure payment gateway.

  • Business legitimate validation assessment
  • Evaluation of the merchant’s main course of business

How it works for the online Merchant
Once a customer has successfully made a payment, you will receive confirmation via the PayAll automated online reporting portal.


Should you not have your own merchant account, the funds will be settled once a week to your business account. You will also receive a settlement file. The reports will detail all your customers’ transactions. Funds paid over will be less the PayAll fees. This process is automated and does not require the merchant to do any additional work.